Динамика современных экосистем в голоцене: методы, конференции, литература. 2019 г.


http://www.bucknell.edu/msw3/ — Mammal Species of the World, 3rd edition (MSW3) is a database of mammalian taxonomy. It is hoped that this database on the World Wide Web can be used as a convenient on-line reference for identifying or verifying recognized scientific names and for taxonomic research. The citation for this work is: Don E. Wilson & DeeAnn M. Reeder (editors). 2005. Mammal Species of the World. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (3rd ed), Johns Hopkins University Press, 2,142 pp.


http://www.science.smith.edu/departments/Biology/VHAYSSEN/msi/msi_intro.html — Mammalian Species – более 800 повидовых очерков в формате pdf – в свободном доступе


http://vzap.iri.isu.edu/ViewPage.aspx?id=230 — The Virtual Zooarchaeology of the Arctic Project (VZAP) is a virtual, interactive, osteological reference collection for the study of northern vertebrates. VZAP is a dynamic natural history archive which allows students and researchers to examine the complete skeletal anatomies of multiple bird, mammal, and fish species in both 2D and 3D


http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/ — Breeds of Livestock. Welcome to the Breeds of Livestock resource presented by the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University. This site is intended as an educational and informational resource on breeds of livestock throughout the world.


http://www2.nrm.se/ve/birds/sape/sape001.html.en — The Homepage of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution, an international scientific society dedicated to the study of the evolution of birds. Here you will find news and information about SAPE, how to become a member of the society, current members, past and future meetings, and links to many sites of importance to those who have an interest in fossil birds, bird origins, or any other aspect of the evolution of birds.


http://www.skullsite.com/index.htm — Bird skull collection


 http://www.terrakamchatka.org/strong/contens.htm — Электронный определитель морских ежей рода Strongylocentrotus России, подготовленный авторским коллективом КФ ТИГ ДВО РАН


http://microseashell.com — два из трех разделов этого сайта на корейском, но в разделе Shelling представлен каталог раковин разных групп морских моллюсков.


http://www.jaxshells.org/alaska.htm — Molluscs of Alaska and Aleutian Islands


http://blacksea-education.ru/1.shtml — Черное море и его обитатели


http://www.manandmollusc.net/ — The Resource Site for Students, Educators, and anyone wanting to learn more about the fascinating world of molluscs