Динамика современных экосистем в голоцене: методы, конференции, литература. 2019 г.

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http://www.paldat.org/ — Palynological Database. Online Publication of fossil and recent Pollen and Spores




http://www.geo.arizona.edu/palynology/sem/semuofa.html — University of Arizona Catalog of Internet Pollen and Spore Images


http://www.geo.arizona.edu/palynology/apd.html — The African Pollen Database


http://www.geo.arizona.edu/palynology/sem/uppsala.html — Pollen catalogue of the British Isles


http://www.geo.arizona.edu/palynology/sem/anu.html — Australian National University Pollen Database


http://www.geo.arizona.edu/palynology/sem/nucastl.html — Index to the University of Newcastel, NSW, Australia Images


http://www.aqua.org.au/AQUA/Pollen/ — The Newcastle Pollen Collection


http://www.botany.unibe.ch/paleo/pollen/blichtmikr1.htm — Übersicht über die lichtmikroskopischen Pollenbilder aus dem Bilderschlüssel


http://pollen.usda.gov/index.htm — Pollen as indicators of source areas and foraging resources. This site has an extensive collection of black-and-white pollen light micrographs and scanning light micrographs. The light micrographs are arranged by family, with each page including thumbnail images, with a table width=100% of species names linked to larger (600x622 pixel) black-and-white images. The SEM's are plates from Jones et al. (1995) accompanied by a table width=100% giving the identification of each numbered micrograph.


http://www.geol.lu.se/personal/tsp/ehome.htm — Lycopodium spore table width=100%ts


http://www3.bio.uu.nl/palaeo/glossary/glos-int.htm — Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology


http://www-class.unl.edu/geol846/ — What is palynology Pollen and Spores Pollen Wall Aperturation Sculpturing Pollen and Spore Production Details of Preservation Sources of Pollen Archaeopalynology Geological Palynology and Paleophytic Mesophytic


http://research.fit.edu/paleolab/pollen.php — Neotropical Pollen Database


http://pmp.oulu.fi/ — Pollen Monitoring Programme


http://hoopermuseum.earthsci.carleton.ca/2001_pollenspores_ml/index.html — Welcome to "Pollen & Spores", a web page designed to introduce the basic concepts and applications of pollen and spores in paleoecology. This online resource is intended to be a compilation of information organized in a way to facilitate comprehension, and at the same time answer fundamental questions about pollen and spores. Closer attention will be paid to pollen since it is usually more widespread and, as a result, is generally more important for paleoenvironment reconstruction and other studies.